niedziela, 4 maja 2014

Hero scrolling and zooming

I am in the middle of work with hero sprite displaying. My progress isn’t as fast as I was thinking at a beginning but I’m not losing my hope. I feel that assembler and I are getting to know each other better but there are still some new things that I have to learn.

The best progress is when you can see it, so here we go:

First location - before hero zooming

First location - after hero zooming

Second location - before hero zooming

Second location - after hero zooming

Hero is also drawing in a right spot in wider locations where a background is moving while he walks.
Next thing that I am going to implement is drawing hero's shadow so wish me luck ;)
I'm still fighting with functions that allow to calculate colors and positions for it but I'm slowly pushing it forward.

See you next week!

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