środa, 9 lipca 2014

First playable location

Hello everyone!

Quick update to show you my weekly progress. I was working on script part this week and I have some good news. ;)

After setting an interpreter's debugger, understanding of how game script is working was actually quite easy. Most of script functions are done and are working correctly now. It was about 60 functions to code. Many of them have just 10 - 20 lines of code, but they are doing huge job in the game (like setting frames of background animations and loading special animations).

Some of them was pretty complex though and needed serious thinking - like O_INITDIALOG.
I had to change the way text for dialog-boxes are stored. I was just using array of strings before, but it was to simple and it was blocking script. To fix it I had to stick with concept from original game that uses special characters, hidden inside texts, to know how whole conversation should look like (who is talking, where to make pause while talking etc).

After taking care of script I found lots of bugs. I had to update background animations to allow changing from one to another, make fix for some voice loading and change the way objects (like shovel) are set to visible. I also update some mouse button events again.

Right now I have first fully playable scene - graveyard and I looks so cool ;) I still have to fix map scene to allow to change to another locations correctly, but after some testing I think that basics of other locations should work well too. I have very slow Internet access where I live now, but I'll try to upload game-play of it later at night.

Location 1 - Graveyard
Gravedigger's magic

Location 1 - Graveyard
Summoning Arivald

I'm preparing for pathfinding part right now. I'd like to finish it this week. One of things that I'll have to take care next is saving. It should make testing easier and allow to skip beginning of the game.

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